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Saunders Energy Limited

Saunders Energy Limited manufactures and deploys cost effective river and tidal power turbines to enable our clients to efficiently generate electricity and reduce their carbon footprint.

The environmentally friendly water turbines are easy to install, providing a rapid investment payback.

In-stream and tidal power units offer predictable renewable energy that compliment solar and wind solutions.

With the growing demand for renewable energy solutions Saunders Energy Limited has invested considerable resources in designing highly efficient hydrokinetic energy systems that provide exceptional water to wire efficiency. 

Saunders Energy Limited is able to offer solutions for zero head, in-stream river installations and near-shore tidal sites.

As a design and manufacturing business we invest our expertise in the development of innovative systems that provide outstanding price performance.  

Our aim is help our clients gain from rapid carbon footprint reduction and advance their commitment to green energy.
Our latest product, PowerFrame, is now ready to be seen in operation at our West Sussex headquarters.