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Saunders Energy Limited - PowerFrame

PowerFrame is our ground breaking innovative water powered electricity generator developed for in-stream and tidal locations. PowerFrame generates electricity from minimal water flow.

With outstanding water to wire efficiency PowerFrame is an important addition to the developing renewables energy marketplace.  

Developed for ease of installation and an extended lifespan PowerFrame offers exception value for money and return on investment.

Suitable locations include river and near-shore sites, tethered to a bridge, pontoon or pier, or anchored to the sea bed. 

PowerFrame can be installed off grid for sites where electrical supply is a challenge or on grid with surplus electricity exported to the grid.  Export and Feed in Tariffs can be claimed to offset the investment. Carbon footprint recovery is typically within 3 months.  

The design of PowerFrame takes into account the need for a product that is environmentally benign, fish and bird friendly and safe. 

PowerFrame is CE Certified and conforms to all EU Legislation.  

Constructed in Aluminium and Marine Grade Stainless Steel, PowerFrame will provide an extended lifespan and requires minimal maintenance. 

A development based on enhanced Darrieus turbine technology, the unit is self-starting in minimal water-flows and will operate with water flowing from either direction in tidal environments gaining maximum effect from tidal flows. As water flow increases the amount of electricity generated increases exponentially. 

PowerFrame operates in zero-head environments and offers the opportunity to install generation units in areas of minimal water flow.

Variants of PowerFrame are also available for installation where existing structures exist or location and water depth require bepoke units.